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Welcome to this portal of ours we call

We chose to honour our First Nations Sisters and Brothers by using a Cree word for "Healing Place" or "Sweat Lodge", along with the syllabics the "People of the Plains" used, to symbolize what Patti and I have chosen to manifest.

For the time being this portal (website) has been created for the patients of Patti to assist them in booking a treatment. Well, it's also assisting Patti too! For those who have landed here unfamiliar with what Patti does, and are drawn to find out, you can tap on the ABOUT link above and/or email Patti or myself using the link below. Or...if moved by spirit, just go ahead and book an appointment! We have a link for that too. Like all web sites, and ourselves for that matter, this will be a work in progress with more information added as inspiration dictates.

For myself, I am taking advantage of an opportunity to assist Patti on her path as a Healer. Who knows, in time I may just come out of the forest and into the meadow for a rendezvous with other travelers on this Good Red Road.

FYI....This photo was taken in February 2006 while in Acapulco.

So unless you see spirit first,

we do not look like this anymore!

Just couldn't find a better shot.