‚ÄčJust a wee bit about Patti!

Patti Mayer (can put this after her name) BScPE., BScPT., C.P.M.A.

2 four year Bachelor of Science degrees: One in Physical Education and one in Physical Therapy and a certificate program in Medical Acupuncture, taught by Dr Steven KH Aung, which really is a life-long learning vocation, is the long-winded way to describe what's behind those letters and satisfies a requirement from her respective colleges.

Basically Patti practices under the auspices of a Physical Therapist & Provincially Registered Acupuncturist. With all she is learning from her patients and courses along the way, her training continues, and as a result has never had to advertise her services since she moved, to join me, in Canmore in June 2001. Along with this word of mouth, her scope of practise has also expanded resulting in many folks wanting to see Patti for a wide variety of reasons.

Before Canmore you ask? Patti practised in many clinical settings and started, along with a few partners, what became a large sports therapy business in Calgary. Administrative demands behooved her to scale down and become more intimate with her patients. So meeting me on a trip to the Peruvian Amazon in 1997, along with Dr. Aung, started the cosmic tumblers directing her an hour west on the Trans-Canada highway to a den site we both now call home.

I hope this gives you a small glimpse onto the trail that has lead Patti to where she is today.

If you would like to know a bit more before you decide to book an appointment please call or email, and Patti or I would be happy to share what we can!

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